If you encounter installation problems, we offer the installation service at home or at the office. For detailed valuation please contact us.

Step 1 - we choose whether we have an account or we want to create a new one

If we have an account, we give our email and password and the installer checks whether such an account exists. If we don't have an account, we choose the create account option, we give email and password, and the installer creates the account automatically. E-mail and password will be required in order to log in on the website.

Step 2

If we don't have an account, we create it by giving our e-mail address and password. If we have an account, we give login details.

Step 3 - Accepting the license conditions

We accept the license and click install button.

Step 4 - Installation

Installation process takes a few seconds and requires an active Internet connection

Installation complete

That's all. Now you have to restart your computer. The program will start working after the restart is complete.