Privacy policy

By using the BossWatching client panel and services made available by it, the user accepts the rules of Privacy Policy. A registered user is a person who willingly uses the program, gave necessary personal information, accepted the Privacy Policy, and confirmed his/hers registration by clicking the revelant link in the do-not-reply email.

Personal data protection

BossWatching software does not make personal or address details available to third parties. The registered e-mail address shall only be used to sent messages relating to the registration process or working processes of BossWatching


Your internet browser can store text files (cookies) on your hard drive. Cookies contain information needed for proper functioning of websities, particularly those that require authorization. Content of cookies does not enable user identification. Personal data are not stored or processed by cookies. BossWatching software stores cookies on user computers in order to:

  • - keep user session (after loggin in). Thanks to this feature the user doesn't have to enter his password and login on every site each time.
  • - adjust webistes to user needs in a better way
  • - Create web traffic statistics