The license

  1. The subject of this license is the use of the „BossWatching” software, later referred to as the Program.
  2. The software consists of:
    1. The Client program [installed on the user’s computer]
    2. WWW application for account and reports management
  3. The software is protected by the Polish and International copyright and intellectual property laws.
  4. GBLogic Company, later referred to as the Author, is the owner of the program.
  5. The Author is the sole owner of the Program, including the copyrights to the Program.
  6. The Author is handing over the copy of the Program p. 2.a [The Client program] to the User for his exclusive use.
  7. The User has the right to use the Program on the computer hardware according to its intended use.
  8. The User mustn’t lease, rent, resell, or lend the Program and its copies to third parties.
  9. It is forbidden to decompile, disassemble, and modify the Program in any other way, as well as use the Program or its sections as a part of another software. It is also forbidden to use the Program to create publications and reports without the distinct agreement of the Author.
  10. The User, who purchased the Software, has the right to get free support and technical information.
  11. The Author is not to be held responsible for any occurring damage that might result from the use of the program, including the loss of information and financial losses caused by the use or inability to use the Program.
  12. The Author is not responsible for the unlawful and illegal use of the Program.
  13. If the provisions of the License are violated, the Author has the right to terminate this agreement and pursue his claim on account of this violation.
  14. The Author reserves the right to delete any data collected by the User on the Author’s server including screenshots, keyboard log reports, logs and reports of processes - without informing the User about this fact.
  15. By accepting this license the User agrees to send electronic invoices to the e-mail address provided during the registration process in agreement with the Ordinance of the Minister of Finances from 9th December 2010 JoL 2010 No. 244 p. 1627 and from 7th December 2010 JoL 2010 No. 249 p. 1661.


ATTENTION, before installation or purchase please familiarize yourself with the content of the license agreement!